Samsung UN29F4000 Review (UN29F4000AF)

29 inch 720p 60Hz LED TV

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Samsung UN29F4000 LED TVThe UN29F4000 is the only 29 inch LED TV in Samsung's lineup for 2013/14. It is an interesting size choice being so close to the 32 inch size. This TV is perfect for rooms that are a little tight on space. It could be a kitchen, kid's playroom, an office, or dorm room. In terms of features, there isn't much to talk about here. It is as bare bones as it gets. 720p resolution a fine for a TV of this size and the 60Hz refresh rate won't be terribly noticable. It is only 2 lbs. lighter than the 32 inch version, so you can get a feel for how close they are in size.

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UN29F4000 Specifications

Picture Quality

720p Resolution and 60Hz Refresh Rate

720p can be considered behind the times, but there is really no problem. On a screen this size, it would be hard to see the difference that 1080p makes. Using the TV as a computer monitor is going to be the only place where 1080p might be wanted. Most over-the-air broadcasts and cable programming are still in 720p or 1080i. Even a good number of video games rank in at 720p. So you will really be using the UN29F4000 to its full potential. When you think about the price it goes for it really makes sense.

The 60Hz refresh rate seems a little low, but it surely keeps the cost down on this one. Motion blur and judder are not going to be highly noticeable on a 29-inch screen this size as well. Those who are looking may be able to see some, but you have to really be looking.

LED Backlighting

The LED backlighting really makes the picture quality pop on the UN29F4000. Overall viewing quality is enhanced due to the light throughput although the picture is much dimmer than some of the larger top end LED TVs in Samsung's lineup. Areas of the screen where content sunlight hits a picture background or image are brighter and more saturated than with LCD CCFL TVs. Color is an area in which this backlight does not excel. Saturation compared to plasma and other LED manufacturers is lacking. The backlight can wash them out so we recommend a moderated backlight setting which can be found in the picture controls menu.

Side Viewing Angles

Side viewing angles on the UN29F4000 are certainly not as bad as some TVs have been in the past. Contrast and color begin to degrade at about the 30 degree mark. This is typical for LCD/LED TVs and this one is not plagued by terrible viewing angles.


The F4000 looks similar to the F5000 and F5500 above it in the lineup. For a budget model like this one, the look isn't bad at all. Glossy black plastic bezels measure in at .75 inches thin to give the TV an updated appearance. It is a little more rounded around the edges too. The square stand is nothing new, but doesn't hold the TV back. The stand is the same black plastic as the bezel. It's nice to see the low end TVs looking so good.

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