Samsung LN46D630 User Reviews

Excellent Value! by Kevin-KC

I purchased this TV to replace a 2006 LG plasma that went out of commission. It was going to cost $300-350 to fix it so why not spend a little extra for a brand new TV... Overall extremely happy with the TV, it was a very good value for the price.

1) Picture quality - of course compared to the old LG plasma, the picture quality of fantastic. Rich colors, very little glare on the screen, pretty good viewing angle. I looked at this and several other Samsung models at a local electronics store, and I honestly could not tell much difference between this model and some of the higher-end models in terms of just the picture. I was specifically interested in the D550, which is about $100 cheaper since it is 60 Hz, but the D630 did have a small but noticeable improvement in fine details especially with moving objects. I also thought about the D5500 but to me there was not much difference between LCD and LED all else being equal. I can see why LED would be attractive for people who plan to hang it on the wall, but if you are going to let it sit on a stand you can't really appreciate how thin it is anyway. Made more sense to spend the extra $100 for 120 Hz than LED.

2) Sound quality - so so, but what do you expect from a TV. It is good for regular TV viewing, I really like the "clear voice" mode which lets you hear conversations easily without cranking up the volume. The TV speakers sound a little thin or hollow if you are watching a movie.

3) Other features - remote works fine, nothing particularly good or bad. TV stand swivels, which is good. Connectivity is good, 4 HDMI and 2 USB are more than enough for me. It does not have built in wireless, which didn't matter for me since my router usually sits under the TV anyway so I just hook up the ethernet cable if I needed internet connection. No web browser or apps, which again would have been pretty useless for me since I can get all of that through my PS3. I tried the Allshare feature to stream videos from my computer to the TV. It works okay but I find it easier to just connect my portable hard drive to the TV.

Samsung LN40D630 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV by Gene Kim

The Samsung LN40D630 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV (Black) was purchased to replace a Samsung plasma that I've had for 10+ years. I wanted a 40+ inch 1080p 120Hz television by either LG or Samsung, ultimately going with a Samsung LCD TV.

Picture Quality: Far superior to my old Samsung plasma. I'm amazed by how rich the picture is and details that can be seen. I have Verizon Fios and the HD picture is fantastic. The quality is "flexible," meaning that I can still see the great quality when sitting at various angles. You can change the PQ if necessary by using the remote. The quality of the TV is fantastic on Playstation 3 games through an HDMI cord. Everything that you do on your controller is very responsive on the screen and has smooth animations/movements.

Sound Quality: Better than I expected. I read reviews saying that the sound quality wasn't so great and that you're better off getting a home theater sound system, but I still chose this model. Like the PQ settings, there are various settings on the remote to change the SQ (Standard, Clear voice, Movie, Music). The "Standard" setting sounds hollow and lacking for certain shows/movies. The "Clear voice" and "Movie" setting definitely amplifies the voices and sounds that you can hear for movies or games.

Excellent TV for the price! by Kaustav

I picked up the TV via the trial membership of Amazon Prime and selected 1 day shipping from Amazon which they shipped UPS from Arizona. The TV came in around 6PM that day due to it being shipped to my home and the package, TV came in great shape. Set up took approximately 15 minutes and in no time I had my peripherals plugged into the TV. I noticed that the remote is a bit sluggish to respond, but that could be due to the china batteries that come with all new electronics nowadays. The picture quality is EXCELLENT. There is nothing in this price range that even comes close.

To really complement this TV, I'm picking up a sound bar (we have a small apartment). The 10amp speakers work, but only just, but I didn't buy the TV for the sound. I bought it because I wanted vivid images and an excellent refresh rate.

One thing I noticed after a while was the TV had a stuck blue pixel in the lower right quadrant of the screen. I am hoping to resolve this with a new item that is shipping to my residence tomorrow. That is the only gripe I had with it which can be attested to just having a faulty unit. The rest of the picture quality is SUPERB.

Samsung Flat Panel TV by Sam G

This is a really great TV and performs as expected. I owned 3 Samsung TVs now and loved it. UPS delivered the TV upside down, I thought it would have been broken. When I opened it and plugged it in, it worked great ever since.


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