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Panasonic TC-L50EM60 Review (TCL50EM60)

50" 1080p LED HDTV

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The 50 inch TC-L50EM60 is exactly like the E60 except for one thing. Viera Connect. The EM60 series drops all smart TV functionality, but keeps the 1080p resolution and 120Hz panel. This is the perfect TV for shoppers who stay away from 3D and use other devices to make their TVs just as good as any smart TV. It's also got a USB media player on board that plays a wide selection of file formats. For a non-3D TV without Viera Connect, the EM60 is a great deal.

Panasonic TC-L50EM60 LED TV

Backlight Blinking Technology

It's got the same 240 backlight blinking rate as the E60 series above it. It is a great feature to have on the EM60 as it helps to further smoother out motion blur and fast action scenes. When activated it effectively doubles the native refresh rate of the panel. The feature works well on the TC-L50EM60. We saw slight improvements in the edges during scenes with a lot of camera movement. This may produce unwanted effects with certain programming, so it should simply be turned off.


The TCL50EM60 has two HDMI connections and one USB port. Considering this is a non smart TV, the amount of inputs is limited. Two HDMI connections will go fast when a blu-ray player and roku box are connected. Where is the game console to go? It's only a minor inconvenience to have to switch cables when switching devices, but one most don't like to deal with. The one USB port shouldn't be a problem if you only use it when viewing content.

Media Player

The USB media player on the TC-L50EM60 can use a host of file formats. Plug an external hard drive or usb stick in the the port and your content will play back on the big screen with ease. Here is the list of accepted formats: AVI / MKV / MP4 / M4v / FLV / VRO / VOB / TS / PS, MP3, JPEG. It's a good selection that covers the major video, music, and photo file formats. A very useful feature in my book.

Panasonic TC-L50EM60 Design
The front of the EM60 seires shows off the simple design similar to the E60 series


The EM60 adopts the same appearance and design of the E60 series. It is a slim model with thin bezels. The clear strip of plastic located below the screen is abandoned for a more traditional look. A nice TV overall.

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