LG 55LK520 User Reviews

Entering the 21st century - finally by Cassandra

This LG 42LK520 is replacing my well-loved Toshiba CRT tv (which, to my dismay, refused to age or give any sign it was ready to quit and justify my purchase), so I can't claim great sophistication when it comes to comparing modern, flat-panel TVs. Having said that, I couldn't be happier with this LG. The image is crisp and true. The color saturation on the default setting is perhaps a touch brighter than life - which I'm sure can be manipulated easily, but I rather like seeing the world with bright green grass and impossibly blue sky, so I haven't bothered. The trumotion works well and so far I have seen no after-image or blur. The sound quality is good, but not great, but it matters little to me as I run it through my fairly old home theatre system which makes the whole experience quite wonderful. I even like the subtle light that glows on the lower right corner and turns from red to blue when you turn the tv on - totally unrelated to the tv's performance, but it's just cool and makes the tv look expensive. I am enjoying this TV tremendously, and sometimes will turn it on just to look at how nice the picture is.

My 55lk520 hdtv by Howard J.

I have now had my LG hdtv for 9 days and love it. I didnt want a 55 inch hdtv with bells and whistles. All I wanted was a great picture and decent sound and thats what I got. For 6 days I played with the picture and sound for all the different things i watched. I have settled on vivid for my picture setting for everything. Tv shows that are on film and movies almost look like they are live programming. Live sporting events look great on this setting. The sound when I 1st got the tv and turned it on was terrible. I realized then why peple all say u need surround sound or a sound bar. I started playing with the sound settings and found the perfect setting.

Great HDTV at a great price by Jen K

I've had this tv for a couple of weeks now. It has a fantastic picture, comparable in my opinion to the LEDs and plasmas I've looked at, and for much less than an LED. I haven't watched any sports yet but fast action in movies has been smooth. It hooks up to a computer via an HDMI cable very easily and produces a terrific picture with no overscan. The speakers are only acceptable but I hooked it up right away to my sound system via a optical digital cable so I really only use the tv speakers when watching the news or other programs where great sound isn't needed. The Tru Motion feature might work good for sports (I haven't tried it yet but I'll give it a try next hockey game I'm watching) but it is annoying for most other uses b/c of the weird effect it causes (I've read it described as soap opera effect) so I turned it off right away and the picture looks great now. Great HDTV for a great price!


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