LG 42LK450, 37LK450, 32LK450 User Reviews

My first 1080p Venture

I deal with boatloads of tvs of everyday, especially working for a broadband and tv provider. The main thing that caught me on this was the price. My old one had blacked out and I need a new one stat! I was not expecting to get 1080p in my budget so I was surprised to see this one sitting there. The store demo did not do it an ounce of justice. This LCD outperform nearly all of my expectations. The picture is crystal clear from all of my high definition sources. My only gripe is the lack of internet connectivity or apps (which I admittedly can get from the devices already hooked up to it) and that the refresh is only 60hz, but the for the price that may be asking to much, lol! I highly recommend this set for any first-time HDTV buyer on a budget!

Great TV For The Money by MovieGeek

I wanted an inexpensive TV for the bedroom and the LG 450 is a good choice, the picture quality is very good for it's price. I didn't need 120Hz so I saved $150 by buying the 60Hz model. All LG TV's have Expert ISF Settings so you can have it professionally calibrated or do it yourself, it even has a built-in blue filter. The ATSC tuner is very powerful because I get all the local stations OTA with an indoor antenna. This model is not internet enabled so you need a set top box to get Netflix, etc. A word of caution though: when I got it home and calibrated the picture it still didn't look great, it takes about 12 hours of viewing for the display to "break-in". After watching the TV for a few days now the picture has improved dramatically. As with all TV's the sound isn't great but it does have bass and treble controls. The USB port supports: JPG, MP3, MPG, WMV, MP4. The manual states other video formats are supported but they wouldn't work on my TV.

Great Product for a Great Price by Mike

This is my second LG LCD TV and its even better than my other one, the 42LD450 model. The picture quality is excellent, especially HD content, and has 3 HDMI inputs which is nice. The USB input on this one plays video files as well as pictures and music which is a nice improvement over my other model. It plays most common video formats - mkv, mp4, mov, avi, wmv - which is great if you have an external hard drive. The speakers on this model are a little weak. I've noticed some crackling in the audio if theres too much bass, especially when using the Auto Volume feature.

Awesome low end TV by Tan

I've been watching HD TV and movies from the LCD monitor on my computer for the last few years because I vowed I would not spend more than $500 for a boob tube, but now I've finally found something that I would be happy with for $499. This LG is a very basic, no-frills TV, but it's all that I need in a TV. The features are very base level and the specs on the contrast may make it seem like it has a phenomenal picture but it's really just average for this price range, which is to say that it's perfectly adequate. It's basically what you would expect from an IPS panel. You can move around the room and the image is perfectly viewable no matter where you sit. The backlight is adequate and turned all the way up is not glaring.

One of the first things you'll notice is that the power "button" is not a button, but a touch-sensitive area that requires no effort to turn on. That's nice because the TV is so light that pressing a conventional button on this TV would probably move it around a tiny bit. The TV takes a few seconds before you see an image but that's quite tolerable. Changing channels is about as fast as other recent TVs but definitely slower than a computer with a USB tuner. That's perfectly fine for me since I don't intend to channel surf with this TV.

It's nice that the unit offers a calibration wizard but I did not like how the recommended contrast setting made darker images lose detail. I ended up turning the contrast almost all the way up. There's really not much to say about the image quality. It's perfectly decent and I didn't find any noticeable flaws. So far I've mostly used it to play Lego Batman and there is no image lag that I've read about in other TVs. One thing I've noticed is that with computer to HDMI connections, the default is overscan mode so you have to adjust your video settings to decrease the image size to fit entirely within the TV screen. Once you do the image looks great. There is also VGA port, but that it does not handle full HD resolution.


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