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LG 42LH55 Calibration

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LG 42LH55 Review

Extended Notes on ISF Calibration: Calibration approach to the 10-point IRE setting. Using this LG feature, you are able to dial-in each point on the IRE scale. Although you have to make 10 separate adjustments, it provides full control over the IRE range and rework is not needed as much as you would get with using a traditional high-low 2-point setup.

LG 47LH55 Review

LG 47LH55 Review

HQV Processing (Chip set) Tests

With 480i Input

Jaggies 1: Pass, excellent result
Jaggies 2: Good to Best
Jaggies Flag Motion Test: Pass

Noise Reduction: Film Detail Test Race Car in motion/Stadium Seating: Pass. There is a moire' pattern in the stadium seating for just .5 of a second before the internal processing of the LH55 cleans it up. The 120hz/240hz feature looks amazing with this race track motion test. It really puts you on the action.

Pulldown Processing tests (Up Conversion from film based content i.e. DVDs)
Cadence 2-2 30fps: Pass. Couple flickers but excellent job.
Cadence 3-2 24fps: Pass
Cadence 2-2-2-4: Pass
Cadence 2-3-3-2: Fail

LG 47LH55 Review
The only film pulldown test the LG failed was the 2-3-3-2 – an excellent result

Mixed 3:2 Film with Added Video Titles: Pass

With 1080p Input

Jaggies 1: One of the best results we've seen
Jaggies 2: Pass

Video Resolution Loss Test: No Noise
Film Resolution Loss Test: Slight noise in upper right quadrant. Pass

HD Background Noise: Pass. Good result
Stadium Seating Test with Moire: Pass


Calibrations: The 42LH55 calibrated excellently to D6500 due to expansive and easy to access white balance controls. To dial the TV in perfectly follow the following settings:

White Balance Settings:
100 IRE -20 0 -35
90 IRE -19 0 -38
80 IRE -10 0 -33
70 IRE -5 0 -28
60 IRE -4 0 -26
50 IRE 0 0 -19
40 IRE 0 0 -18
30 IRE -1 0 -17
20 IRE 2 0 10
10 IRE 6 0 -47
Picture Settings:
Picture Mode: Expert 1
White Balance: Warm
Brightness: 65
Contrast: 85
Color: 48
Tint: G1
Sharpness: H:52 V:52
Backlight: 50
Other Settings:
Dynamic Contrast: Off
NR: Off
Gamma: High
Black Level: Low
Real Cinema: On

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