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Vizio E500I-A1 Review

50" 1080p Razor LED edge lit LCD TV

by , Senior Reviewer

Vizio has put together a new line of Razor LED TVs in the E-series that keep form factor slim and include smart TV features is on the way. The E500I-A1 is good looking 50-inch LED TV that would be a great addition to any room. So why should you be interested? A lot of TVs released in this size range include 3D features. This one doesn't. The E500I-A1 left 3D behind but didn't skip on picture quality or online connectivity. The 1080p 120Hz LED backlit picture is going to impress when it comes to movies and sports alike. Vizio has made a TV for those who want those larger sizes in their living rooms without dealing with 3D.

Picture and Viewing Features

The Vizio E500I-A1 is loaded with picture features to create a top quality image regardless of the content or room the TV is placed in.

The Razor LED backlighting system is the driving force behind picture quality on this set. A refresh rate of 120Hz and a 6ms response time ensure smooth and stable images. This TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and 16.7 million colors to make for great picture reproduction. The TV is going to produce deep blacks and bright whites while keeping colors bright and accurate. This models also incoporates an ambient light sensor for automatically adjusting brightness of the TV according the current light in the room.

The ultra slim form factor is also very attractive and really makes a huge difference on how this mammoth TV looks in the living room. Vizio has also slimmed the bezel around the picture so you get more picture for the size of the TV. These two features together make for a great looking TV on the physical side of things.


This TV has the same SRS TruSurround speaker system as many of the other entries in the E-series. The TruSurround system is designed to give you a more immersive experience with deep bass and clear dialogue from speakers specifically designed for use in flat panel TVs.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

The Vizio E500I-A1 comes enabled for wireless connection out of the box for access to Vizio's suite of internet apps. This gets you access to just about all of the best places online to stream media, connect to social networks, or read the news.

It's also got a pretty neat two-sided remote. One side has all the standard buttons for surfing the channels, using a DVR, or controlling a blu-ray player. The other side has a full QWERTY keyboard with a 4-way directional pad and gaming buttons. This opens the possibility for gaming with ease on through the internet suite.

Standout Features

  • Full HD 1080p
  • 120Hz Razor LED Backlit
  • 2-sided QWERTY remote
  • 802.11n single band wifi built in
  • Thin bezel for larger image
  • Plenty of HDMI, USB, component, and PC inputs

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