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Vizio E420VT Review

42" 1080p Razor LED edge lit LCD TV

by Jack Burden, Senior Reviewer

The E series are Vizio's entry level line of Razor LED edge lit LCD televisions. They come in a wide variety of sizes and trim levels. Although they lack some of the features of the higher end models, like internet connectivity and higher refresh rates, they have the same thin, modern design as the other Razor LED TVs.

Picture and Viewing Features

The E420VT has an LED edge-lit, 60Hz LCD panel. It lacks the high refresh rates and local dimming zones of the M and XVT series but it does have the higher brightness and better contrast associated with LED back lighting.


For the last couple years Vizio has produced some pretty good looking TVs, 2011 remains no exception. The LED edge lighting makes the TVs extremely thin and the gloss black bezel looks nice though it won't stand out in a line up of LED TVs.

Standout Features

Razor LED Edge Lighting features makes the E420VT extremely slim.

Low priced LED backlit LCD

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Jack Burden Jack Burden has been reviewing and writing reviews in the consumer electronics category for 7 years with CEAG. He considers grayscale gradation, film patterned retarders, and focus field drives to be fun topics. Read more about Jack

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