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Vizio E241-B1 (E241i) Review

24" 1080p 60Hz Razor LED TV

by , Senior Reviewer

Vizio E241-B1 Razor LED TVThe smaller of the 2014 E series Vizio LED TVs are pretty standard fare. The E241-B1 doesn't feature the full-array LED backlighting that larger sizes have this year. Instead, its got the Razor LED backlighting that we've seen before, and this is fine for a small TV. It does have a full HD 1080p resolution screen that helps it double as a computer monitor when needed. It's got an attractive look as well to help it keep up with some of the more flashy LED TVs out there.

Picture Quality Rating: 84/100

Picture and Viewing Features

The E241-B1 has a bright and clear 1080p picture thanks to the Razor LED edge-lighting. Some might wonder why it has full HD resolution since some of the larger TVs only have 720p screens. It is going the be very hard to tell the difference on a 24 inch screen for regular programming. The difference comes into play when a computer gets hooked up to the TV. Since it's 1080p there is going to be much more working room becuase computers can put out a 1080p signal. Most over the air broadcasts are still in 720p as well. The 60Hz refresh rate is another thing not to worry about. Once again, motion blur is going to be hard to spot on a TV of this size. Vizio shedded the local dimming feature on this model of the E-series.

Features Rating: 81/100

Vizio Internet Apps Plus

The Vizio E241i-B1 has the Vizio Internet Apps Plus platform included. The built-in wifi allows for instant access and plenty of speed for HD content streaming. The 'Plus' in the name means the interface is much more user friendly and the overall performance is faster than before. Some of the most useful apps included are Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, MGO, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Facebook. There are plenty more too.

Vizio E241i-B1 Streaming Netflix
The Netflix app works wonderfully on the Vizio Internet Apps Plus platform

The Smart TV gets good marks as far as performance goes. There were a few initial hiccups in the set up process, but all was smooth once we got past those and connected to our wifi network. Streaming content loaded up quickly and provided a high quality image over wifi. This is a big plus since not all smart TV platforms handle streaming so well.

Vizio E241i-B1 Streaming Netflix
This still from House of Cards displays decent picture depth and contrast levels. Getting to the Netflix app only involves a single button press

Appearance and Design

Vizio E241-B1 LED TV Design

The E241-B1 has also recieved some upgrades to the appearance. The bezels are now slimmer than they were last year. The profile on this E series TV has done some thinning as well, but not to the level of some of the slimmest edge-lit LEDs. An excellent addition to the size is the low profile branched arm stand. This sets it apart from other plain looking smaller TVs out there. All in all, this is an average looking value LED TV.

Value Rating: 90/100

The Vizio E241i-B1 presents a decent value for the size since it can function as a computer monitor or TV for a small room. The internet enabled model goes for $189. Shave $10 off the price for the model without wifi and smart TV features. Strong contrast and picture depth from front and center is the highlight in the picture quality realm. Vizio Internet Apps Plus don't do anything new for the platform, but everything works well and doesn't leave much to be desired. Some downsides are a non-backlit remote, 2-point white balance, and a non-swivel stand. But these are dealbreakers by any means.

Overall Rating: 85/100

Standout Features

  • 1080p
  • Diagonal Screen Measurement: 23.54"
  • 60Hz Razor LED
  • Speaker output: 2W x 2
  • 1 HDMI, 1 USB inputs
  • With Stand: 21.55”W x 14.55”H x 4.39”D
  • Without Stand: 21.55”W x 13.80”H x 2.11”D

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