Toshiba 65L7300U Review (65L7300)

65 inch 1080p 240Hz LED TV

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Toshiba 65L7300U LED TVThe 65L7300U is exactly the same as the L7350 series above it, but without the 3D playback. This leaves the Advanced Cloud TV features, a 240Hz panel. It is the perfect TV for those not interested in 3D but still want the look and picture of a top end LCD/LED TV. The 65 inch entry is the largest in the series and one of four of this size in the entire Toshiba lineup.

Picture Quality Rating: 8.8/10

Picture quality on the L7300 is on par with other LCD/LED TVs but lacking in a few key areas. Detail and color rendition were two high points I witnessed when viewing the TV. Color was bright and the detail in dark areas of the picture was above par. I wouldn't go as far as saying the color was realistic, but I liked what I saw. It was in the side viewing angles that really lost the L7300 a few points. Contrast and color faded pretty heavily when viewing not too far from off-center. Many LCD/LED TVs are making big improvements in this area, so it really hurts when one doesn't keep up.

Toshiba 65L7300U LED TV
Bright colors and detail in dark areas come off very strong in this shot of the L7300 series

240Hz Refresh Rate

The 240Hz refresh rate spec is one of the standout features on the L7300. It allows for better processing of fast motion and panning. It effectively smooths the motion so there is no judder or motion blur. The feature works well but does not entirely remove all of the issues. This can be considered a good thing, because we've seen features like this work too well and create a lot of distracting side effects.

Features Rating: 8.3/10

Cloud TV Features

Toshiba is using a cloud based smart TV platform for their LED Cloud Series TVs in 2013/14. It is supposed to create a better and smarter connected experience for the user. This means personalization and finding content are the most streamlined aspects of the smart TV suite. This is done by making it much easier to connect with any type of mobile device you may be using. Toshiba plans to release a companion app to the Cloud TV service that lets users connect with an iOS, Android, or Windows 8 device. This sort of connectivity is good to see and really hits home the practicality that Toshiba is aiming for. Below is a short list of features to be included with Advanced Cloud TV:

  • Family Calendar
  • Personal Messaging
  • Photo Album
  • Streaming News
  • MediaGuide
  • Miracast and WiDi

Included QWERTY Keyboard

A full QWERTY keyboard is included with Advanced Cloud TVs from Toshiba. This inclusion may be a bit much for those who already have some sort of wireless keyboard, but it will be nice for people who hate typing on a scrunched remote QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard will also make it easier to navigate the smart TV menus, use social networks, and browse the web. We see it as a nice added bonus.

Built-in Wifi and Web Browser

The built-in wifi and full web browser are a perfect complement to the Advanced Cloud TV features and the included keyboard. The wifi allows you to instantly access your home network without having to find a way to hard wire the TV or use an accessory dongle to enable the connection. The full web browser is also a nice addition. With all of the internet connected mobile devices around today it may not be the most practical way to browse, but it's good for viewing pictures and similar content on the big screen.

Miracast and Widi

These two features let mobile devices, tablets, and laptops share their screens with the TV. I see it being useful in many situations. It will be a breeze to pop some photos on or play a video on the big screen for guests to enjoy. This feature will also make it easy to watch downloaded TV shows and movies. It's a good addition and we are happy to see a little more useful connectivity in 2013/14 TVs. The features works well with You Tube and allows you to keep searching on your Smart phone while it continues to play.


Toshiba 65L7300U LED TV Design and Appearance

The L7300 series is designed exactly like the L7350. So it should be compared to the L9300 above it and the L4300 below it. Everything aside from the bezel has a matte gun metal finish. The 7300 keeps the square frame stand design and the single armed neck to hold up the screen. It's also got a thin metal strip that runs along the bottom of the screen below the glossy black bezel. This is a subdued yet stylish look.

Value - Bang for the Buck Rating: 9.5/10

The Toshiba 65L7300U is quite a deal for a 65" super thin 1080p LED with this picture quality. There is of course no 3D and the Smart TV speed and features leaves a lot to be desired, but what can you expect for $1599? Compare Samsung's UN65F6400 at $1999 which is not nearly as attractive and has about the same picture quality but admittedly a much better smart TV suite.

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

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