Toshiba 24V4210U Review

24" 1080p LED Edge Lit LCD/DVD Combo TV

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The 24 inch 24V4210U is an LED back lit LCD television with a built in DVD player, it replaces the 24SLV411U from last year. It is only available in small sizes and is a TV clearly aimed at bedrooms, dorm rooms or possibly a child's play room. LED lighting allows for the 24V4210U to be significantly slimmer than flourescent backlit combo units. At 24" and 1080p the 24V4210U can double as a computer monitor.

The built in DVD player performs well, the side mounted slot loader is easy to reach and flipping between movies and TV is a one touch operation.

Picture Quality

This edge lit LED Television has good black level saturation but users can enhance picture quality on the 24V4210U by tuning down the Backlight setting in the Picture menu of the TV. Doing this deceases negative screen uniformity issues from the powerful edge lit LED backlights. It also helps with dark shadow detail in certain instances.


One thing we enjoyed about this TV was very realistic yet saturated color representation. Color performance was very solid. If you want to really ramp the TV up for sports programming, try the Sports Mode picture setting which this TV separates out.

Off Angle Viewing

Black levels and saturation decrease fairly rapidly on the 24V4210U as you move off center to side viewing angles. This is an issue with many edge lit LED televisions but it is certainly worth noting as something to think about if you will be viewing the TV from severe angles or from various rooms.

Audio Performance

From Toshiba's new Audyssey Premium Sound Suite the 50L2200U gets Dynamic Volume, we are big fans of this feature because it enhances soft dialog and ducks those extremely loud commericals that can blow your head off if you've got the volume cranked up on a quiet movie or TV show.

Standout Features

  • Full 1080p, Edge lit LED
  • Built-in DVD player
  • 2-Way Ported Speakers w/ Audyssey Premium Suite Sound Enhancement

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