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Sony Bravia XBR-46LX900 3D Capable 1080p 240Hz LED TV

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SONY XBR-46LX900 Features Review

LX series: This is an edge lit LED backlit LCD with avant garde technological bells and whistles such as a sensor technology that "sees" you and adjusts picture brightness depending upon whether or not you are watching the TV. Turn your head down to look at your iphone and the picture dims, theoretically saving you a little on your energy bills and extending the life of the LED backlighting. Your television is watching you - literally with its built in camera. The speaker also has an auto adjustment through the sensor technology. Additionally there is a Child warning feature if your child is sitting too close to the TV. Overkill? The TV enjoys the new monolithic design which allow a small backward slant to make up for low height TV furniture such as BDI or Bell'O Getti.

Sony's 3D capable Bravia XBR line for 2010 is the LX900 series of LED edge lit LCD TVs. The 1080p panel features Sony's MotionFlow 240Hz to reduce motion lag and image doubling in 3D as well as the Bravia Engine 3 video processor reduces noise, enhances detail and optimizes contrast for a vibrant, lifelike image.

The XBR-LX900 series features Sony's new Opticontrast panel that ses both a surface treatment and a sheet of resin between the LCD panel and the glass to reduce reflections and refraction of internal and external light to provide excellent black levels even in a bright room.

Built-in WiFi provides access to Sony's Bravia Internet Video service, this feature gives consumers access to streaming video from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, NPR, Sony Pcitures, Sony Music and more. Bravia Internet Widgets gives instant access to up to the minute news, weather, sports scores, stock quotes and more. Bravia Sync communicates with other Bravia Sync equipped devices for an intergrated home entertainment experience.

The innovative feature called Intelligent Presence Sensor uses face detection to see if you've walked away from the TV or are not watching th screen and will automatically dim the backlight to conserve energy, if you are away for an extended period it can even tun the TV off. Additionally the Intelligent Presence Sensor cn detect your viewing position to deliver optimized picture and sound balance based on your angle and distance to the TV.

All of these features are wrapped in Sony's stylish new "Monolithic Design" that combines fashion and function for a TV that looks impressive both on and off.

-Robert Wiley




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