Sony KDL55EX740 Review | LED Television | 3D, 2012

This is one of Sony's hot sellers at the stores. It has lots of features and keeps the price in check. It does not contain as good a video engine as its big brother the HX729 but it does keep 3D ready and have all that Sony has to offer in terms of a web browser and Internet suite options. There are loads of options with that.

Picture Review

There is some glare at angles on this TV but it has solid blacks and realistic colors. I like the subdued nature of Sony's color after we calibrated the picture. It's not nearly as over-saturated as many. The LED backlight does not overwhelm you with brightness either.

3D Review

3D is available on this TV and is of the active shutter variety with 2 pairs of shutter glasses included in the bundle packages. It's a very nice presentation and it did not wear out my eyes too much.


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