Sony KDL46EX540 Review

The 46" KDL46EX540 is a knock down version of the KDL46EX640. It has most of the feature but omits one or two. It does not have as slick a bezel framing as the 640 even though Sony always maintains a nice clean styling in their TVs.

Picture Review

The picture on this TV shows more motion artifacts than we like to see in TVs in 2012. It's a little rough in side to side panning scenes. It does contain the CineMotion 120Hz feature and the MotionFlow feature. These features are not necessarily recommended by us even though they do cut down on jerky judder effects during fast motion. But we'll go into the reason for that later.

Features Review

The features in this TV are very solid as it does get much of the Bravia Internet Video options. There are plenty of HDMI inputs on this TV with 3 on the back and 1 on the side cavity.


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