Samsung UN50F7100 Review (UN50F7100AF)

50 inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

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Samsung UN50F71000The UN50F7100 is a strong competitor in the 50 inch size class for the 2013/14 year. It has dropped a few top tier features to bring it down to a reasonable price level. It goes without the built-in camera for interaction, the quad core processor, and the best micro dimming technologies. Despite these sacrifices, the F7100 retains an outstanding picture quality with all of the great features that come with the newly redesigned Smart Hub. Models most comparable to this one are LG's 50GA6400 Google TV and Sony's KDL-50R550A.

Picture Quality

The picture quality on the UN50F7100 is almost as excellent as the F8000 series (we've reviewed them side by side) and the key to this is that it has the same panel with clear coat screen and similar contrast. The latter (F8000) has a higher micro-dimming rate, but this model still has that feature for increased contrast where needed. Side viewing angles look good with not much contrast degrading. Images are clear and color information is accurate. Sometimes I wish LED TV colors popped a bit more, but this is the nature of LED backlit LCD TVs. The offset is that you get great brightness and peak whites and Samsung's LED backlighting is some of the best in the market.

LED Edge Backlight – A Standout feature for the F7100!

The light flow through created by the LED Backlight on this TV is amazing and one of the TVs best characteristics. Some complain that it can cause screen uniformity issues. To tone down the LED backlight from causing some uneven screen uniformity issues turn the backlight setting (found in the picture settings menu) down to a more reasonable level – 16 or around 80% is what we recommend. This will keep screen uniformity issues from arising and you still have plenty of brightness from this super bright LED TV. Having powerful LED backlighting in case you need it for super bright room conditions is a plus.

Samsung UN50F7100
The Samsung F7100 has excellent color rendition and picture clarity. Great contrast levels are also highlighted in this shot

Micro Dimming

Micro dimming found on the UN50F7100 may not the be the best micro dimming out there, but we were still impressed to see it here. The F8000 has the best micro dimming tech, but the F7100 has the same effect. What's the difference between the top micro dimming and the one found here? The number of lighting zones on the F7100 is considerable less than the F8000. That takes away the pinpoint light and contrast control. Don't jump the gun and think this is a weakness of the F7100, because it's not. I've seen a great performance out of this TV. All in all, it is an excellent feature that gives picture quality the push it needs to be really great on an LCD/LED TV.

3D Viewing Quality

3D Viewing Quality is by the active variety on the 50F7100 and follows the excellent performance in this are of the ES7100 predecessor. Samsung's active 3D glasses are the lightest and most comfortable in the active-3D marketplace and now have a new rounded design. Aside from that there is little difference as there was not much to improve upon. There is little to no crosstalk or distraction when viewing 3D content, but keep away direct light from the front of the room in which you are viewing or you will likely get a slight flicker from the edges of the glasses. LG's passive 3D in their top models is superior, but the F7100 blows it away in 2D.

Preset Picture Setting Mode Notes:

Dynamic – The blue is overpowering and the image is overly bright, like we see in many other dynamic modes. Not recommended.
Standard – This is the energy star mode so the picture is geared toward keeping the backlight low. The picture is dim and the colors are subdued.
Natural – The natural picture mode seems like a toned down version of the dynamic picture mode. There is much less of a blue push, more yellow push, colors are still a bit off. Not recommended.
Movie – This is the best settings out of the box. The brightness of the backlight is showcased but it's not out of control and there is a warmness to the overall image. See our calibrated picture settings out of this mode.

Auto Motion Plus (Pay Attention to this Setting!)

The Auto Motion Plus feature in the F7100 is something that comes as a blessing and a curse and is set to On in all of the preset picture setting modes. When watching content from the Internet, TV, DVD or BluRay, this feature should be disabled or at least the De-Judder portion of the feature should be set to 0. Leaving the De-Blur portion on is OK. The feature creates the dreaded 'Soap Opera' effect, making images look terribly unrealistic by eliminating natural background blur. Turn it off in the Picture Options menu and everything will be fine again. You'll immediately see judder when you disable it, but your eyes will adjust momentarily. When viewing 480i based content we saw slight improvements when the setting was low.

(Note: to get to the setting click on Menu, swipe across to Picture, Scroll all the way down to Picture Options, Scroll down to AutoMotion Plus.)

However, we would love to see a direct button on the remote control to the AutoMotion Plus settings.

Standard Definition Up-Conversion - Beautiful

All content is not 1080p. There is still a ton of content you are viewing on lower quality resolutions (Netflix streaming for example). The F7100 does a great job of up-converting the signal to HD and displaying in a near HD quality. The F7100 yielded a top notch picture from my trusted Risky Business DVD in 480. The top samsung LEDs are excellent at this up-conversion.

Smart Interaction Focused on Voice Recognition

Samsung F7100 Remote
The included remote with the F7100 features a touch pad. A simple swiping motion will change the page the Smart Hub is displaying. The mic button also makes it easy to use the voice control features

Voice Interaction is included with the F7100 and works well for speeding browsing and searching content you may want to watch. There has been lots of advancement in the feature though it still lags the LG Magic Remote's voice recognition abilities by miles. Last year the function was OK for the most rudimentary functions. This year you will want to use it extensively. For example, you can depress the mic and say, “look up shows with Reece Witherspoon,” and the TV will search your Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon OD, Crackle, and other and come up with a list of available options (along with the price). Or you can use the function to search the Internet when browsing by saying, “Search Internet.” Then issuing an url like, “” which the TV will then bring up. The remote does a nice job of understanding different accents as well. It's not as good as LG's, but it works second best in the market.

Appearance and Design

Samsung F7100 Appearance
The F7100 misses out on the cresent moon stand of the flow design and utilizes the signature Samsung quad leg stand

The 50F7100 has the new flow design for 2013, but the screen framing bezel is a very sophisticated matte silver and it's just a striking good looks. The frame is about .2 inches in width (.5” for the 60”). So you get that minimalistic almost frameless design. It does not have the half moon shaped stand and instead has the 4-legged prong stand we like to call quadrapod. The front facing camera is not built-in on the F7100 but is optional.

Smart TV Options

Samsung continues to lead the race among manufacturers in number of Apps and in our opinion more importantly the number of quality Apps. Of course, the UN50F7100 has the full range of options regard the Smart TV Apps. It keeps the same dual-core processor from last year.

Samsung Smart Hub Apps Page
This is the Apps page of the redesigned Smart Hub. Here you see all of your downloaded apps as well as some reccomendations for other apps that you might enjoy

Along with the other Smart TV features, you currently get Bing's search function Samsung's Social TV feature which allows you to see Facebook activity, Twitter feeds and other social media platforms on a side bar. In many cases such as the You Tube App, it's better just to access You Tube through the browser rather than use the more limited App.

HVEC Codec Improves Online Video - Vast Improvement

Along with the other Smart TV features, you currently get Bing's search function Samsung's Social TV feature which allows you to see Facebook activity, Twitter feeds and other social media platforms on a side bar. The new HVEC Codec really is one of the best improvements of this TV over last years ES7100. It improves the quality and speed of streaming video immensely.

Wifi and Web Browser Built-in

You have use of both of these features and a new connectivity feature through the Wifi setting as well that allows your Smart phone and Tablet to connect and share information with the TV.

Sound Quality

There is plenty of volume from the speakers on the 50F7100 and quality is consistently good though not as rich as some we've tested. Thankfully, there are no hollow or tinny effects in the sound as we've noticed from years past.

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