Samsung UN55FH6003 Picture Settings and Calibration (UN60FH6003)

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Samsung UN55FH6003 Calibration Notes: The FH6003 performs well in viewing rooms with a substantial amount of light. A room where light levels can be somewhat controlled is the best option, but dealing with bright rooms is a high point for LED TVs. There is only a 2 point white balance control in the FH6003 series, so a highly tuned calibration is not possible for those looking to have complete control over their image. However, the TV's color accuracy is very good. There is no 3D playback on the FH6003 like the model above it, so these settings should work in all viewing situations.

Picture Menu
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 27
Contrast: 98
Brightness: 48
Sharpness: 0
Color: 51
Tint G50/R50
Advanced Settings Submenu
Color Space: Auto
Gamma: +1
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: On
Motion Lighting: Off

2 Point White Balance Submenu
R-Offset: 27
G-Offset: 25
B-Offset: 27
R-Gain: 20
G-Gain: 24
B-Gain: 20
Picture options Submenu
Color Tone: Warm2
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Auto
HDMI Black Level: Low
Film Mode: Auto
Auto Motion Plus: Off

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