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Samsung UN55ES7500, UN60ES7500, UN46ES7500 Features Review and Commentary

Following is a features review and writeup for included features on the 2012 ES7500 Series TVs from Samsung


ES7500 Series Models
UN46ES7500 UN55ES7500 UN60ES7500

Micro Dimming Plus

The micro dimming feature in the UNES7500 is new for 2012. It describes Samsungs local dimming feature which reads the content being displayed on the screen and controls the backlight in the various parts of the screen. Lights are adjusted independently from one another. It's there to optimize contrast, color and backlighting in all parts of the screen simultaneously. The feature can be turned off if the user chooses. Edge lit local dimming is not as strong nor as thorough as true full array local dimming, but it does provide lots of benefits over non-local dimming edge lit LED TVs. And it still enables the ES7500 to be super thin. It's a best of both worlds solution.

Social TV

This feature allows you to chat online with friends using twitter, Facebook and Google Talk. The user can write commentary about content while viewing at the same time on the other half of the screen. It's a sharing feature so that you can watch and comment the same programming at the same time as friends in other places and enjoy the show “together”... kind of.

Ultra Clear Panel

A favorite hold over from last year, this panel is great for eliminating reflections and reflective light. It is also superb with light throughput, which is how the light comes through the panel during scenes with sunlight or another light source in the picture. This adds to the 3 dimensional effects. The Ultra Clear Panel also makes blacks appear more saturated and deep.

Edge Lit LED Backlighting

Samsung uses very powerful white LEDs as the light source for their LED backlighting in the ES7500 series. These LEDs are at the “edges” of the screen panel – allowing for the very thing depth of the TV. A light guide focuses the luminance of the LEDs to the middle of the screen where the picture is produced. We can attest to the strength of the LED lighting in this TV.

Full HD 3D (via HDMI 1.4)

The ES7500 line uses Bluetooth-enabled 3D glasses which can be used in any active 3D TV that also uses Bluetooth-enabled glasses. The ES7500 processes the 3D signal in such a way that it optimizes the signal for a full HD 1080p effect to each eye. This is what this feature refers to. Samsung 3D TV supports Full HD 3D for 1920 x 2205p (24Hz) or 1280 x 1470p (60Hz). There are many viewing modes included for viewing in this series including: 2D-3D Converion, Side-by-Side (two images next to each other), Top & Bottom, Line-by-Line, Vertical Stripe, Checker Board, Frame Sequential: Displays the images for the left and right eye alternatively in frames.

Preset Picture Setting Modes

These modes are very easy to toggle between to test out various contrast and color saturation levels and backlight settings in the TV. Standard (normal general setting with neutral backlight and contrast), Natural (if you have eye strain), Dynamic (when lots of light is coming into the room from windows), Movie (films), Entertain (gaming).

Smart Interaction

Smart Interaction in the ES7500 and top end ES8000 is a new 2012 feature than includes facial, hand and voice control recognition. Voice control may be somewhat limited to turning the TV on and off but the hand control seems pretty functional allowing you to wave to bring up lots of control options. The front facing built in camera is what allows all this to take place. Facial recognition enables the TV to set the TV to your own personal preferred settings.


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