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Panasonic TC-L47E5

47" 1080p LED HDTV

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Panasonic E5 Series Series

The E5 series is a mid-tier line of LED back lit LCD televisions from Panasonic for 2012. It is another line that shows Panasonic's commitment to larger and more feature rich LED TVs going forward. The TC-L47E5 has a 60Hz 1080p panel that uses Panasonic's 180 Back Lack Scanning for increased motion smoothing and it has access to Viera Cast, Panasonic's Smart TV online feature.

Picture and Viewing Features

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TC-L47E5 Specifications

The E5 has a substantially improved picture over the previous year's LED models. It has better black levels and contrast and improved color performance for more realistic that colors that both show warmth and pop off the screen.

180 Back Light Scanning

Panasonic uses back light scanning technology to effectively triple the response rate of the TC-L47E5. The panel itself is a standard 60Hz panel but by manipulating the back light the E5 has an effective 180Hz response rate. This reduces blurring in ast action scenes and cuts down on judder in slow panning scenes in flim content.

24p Cinema Smoother

Panasonic's 24p Cinema Smoother converts 24p content up to the television's native frame rate by adding extra frames into the content. 24p content can appear jerky on some televisions because the 24 frames per second of film does not divide even into the 60 frames per second of the television. The 24p Cinema Smoother cuts down on jerkiness in film content.


The E5 is surrounded by a 1" wide, semi-gloss black bezel that ends in a half inch of clear acryllic. The semi-gloss bezel does not reflect as much as pure gloss so it is less distracting. The TC-L47E5 is a good looking television, it has a nice refined look that is not over-the-top in any way.

Internet Options and Connectivity

The E5 has access to the basic features from Viera Cast, streaming video from Netflix, Hulu Youtube and more. News, weather, sports and financial apps and social media access with Facebook and Twitter. There is also online music from Pandora and Napster.

With the Viera Remote app you can control the TC-L47E5 with a smartphone or tablet. It supports use of the touch screen on your phone and the phone's built-in keyboard.

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