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Panasonic VIERA TC-L42D2

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LCD TV Buying Guide Commentary

Panasonic is entering the LED TV market in 2010 with the D2 line of LED edge lit LCD televisions. LED backlighting allows for a wider color gamut, improved black levels, wider viewing angles and more even backlighting than traditional CFL back lit LCDs.

To control motion lag and judder the D2 series uses Panasonic's 120Hz motion picture Pro 4 technology and 24p playback for film content on the 1080p IPS panel. We haven't been overly impressed with 120Hz and higher frame rate conversion on film material in the past but some TVs did it better than other so if we get to do a full review of the TC-L42D2 we will be sure to test on a variety of content and report back.

Other features of the D2 series include a Universal iPod Dock, USB connections, Viera Image Viewer for easy viewing of JPEG images on an SD emory card and Viera Link for communication and integration between similarly equipped devices. 4 HDMI inputs provide plenty of inputs for your home entertainment equipment.

-Phil Conner

Panasonic TC-L42D2 Specifications


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