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Panasonic ET60 Series Picture Settings and Calibration

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Calibration Notes: The ET60 series from Panasonic include both 2Pt. and 10 Point white balance adjustment as well as 10 point Gamma Correction and an RGB Color Management System. The calibration settings below use the 10 point white balance adjustment with the CMS being left at 0 on all settings. We left it this way because the color balance achieved in the end is superior compaged to the RGB Color Management System. You can see how well the ET60 Overall, the TV calibrated pretty well and very similar to the Plasma ST60. Contrast was lower on the ET60. There is slight light leakage from the bottom sides. Test images looked great on the ET60.

Panasonic ET60 Professional Calibration Picture Settings
An LED TV undergoing the professional calibration process

Post Calibration Settings

Picture Mode Custom
Back Light 61
Contrast 86
Brightness +4
Color 50
Tint 0
Sharpness 0
Color Temp Warm2
Vivid Color Off
A.I. Picture Off
Video NR Off
Motion Picture Setting Off

Color Detail Adjustment

Red Hue 0
Red Saturation 0
Red Luminance 0
Green Hue 0
Green Saturation 0
Green Luminance 0
Blue Hue 0
Blue Saturation 0
Blue Luminance 0

Pro Settings

Panel Brightness Mid
Black Extension 0
Cool White Effect 0

Advanced Picture

Game Mode Off
3:2 Pulldown n/a
1080 Pixel Direct n/a
HDMI Content Type Auto
HDMI/DVI RGB Range Standard (16-235)
Black Level Light

W/B Adjustment

W/B High Red 3
W/B High Green 0
W/B High Blue 2
W/B Low Red -4
W/B Low Green 0
W/B Low Blue -1

More Detail Adjustment

IRE Red Green Blue
10 8 0 -50
20 0 0 -8
30 0 0 0
40 0 0 0
50 0 0 0
60 -10 0 0
70 -7 0 15
80 0 0 0
90 21 0 0
100 -50 17 -37

Gamma (Target 2.2)

IRE Gain
10 6
20 43
30 49
40 50
50 50
60 30
70 34
80 -1
90 5
100 0

Measured Contrast (with OTC1000)

100 IRE(Y) 50.316
0 IRE(Y) 0.07
Ratio (x:1) 718.8000

Review Equipment Used: Sencore OTC1000, AV Foundry VideoForge, CalMan5 Display Calibration Software

Recommended 3D Picture Settings

The following are the picture menu options we found to be most helpful with creating the best 3D playback. Try out our settings to see if they work for you. As always, a bit of tweaking may be necessary for the best personal results.

-3D settings > 3D adjustment > On > -2
-Motion Picture Setting > Mid
-The 3D Picture Mode we used was Custom with its default settings

Post Calibration Info for the Panasonic ET60
The calibration makes big changes in the color balance that is necessary to get the best out of the ET60. As you an see, the color balance is nowhere near where it should be when the TV comes out of the box

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