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Appearance and Design

DT50 Series Models
TC-L55DT50 TC-L47DT50

The DT50 has a super thin .3" wide thin brushed aluminum silver framing bezel surrounding the panel. It's a great looking set and my favorite of any Panasonic designs for 2012. In the past we have complained about Panasonic not keeping up with the other manufacturers when it comes to aesthetics and for 2012 Panasonic has responded with many updated looks. The new stand is metal with a neck than angles forward and complements the bezel. The DT50 is about an inch in depth.


2012 IPS LED LCD Panel from Panasonic

This in plane switching technology panel from panasonic increases processing speeds from the backlight. The panel offers significant improvements in off angle viewing quality. It also yields higher contrast than last years models and reduces 3D crosstalk.

VIERA Connect Internet Apps and Features

The Viera Connect features in the DT50 get a whole new set of Apps and options for 2012. Aside from the popular must-have Internet TV features the VIERA Connect suite includes tons of options for 2012. The premium top tier includes Netflix, Fox Sports, Wall Street Journal, CinemaNow, Wealth TV, Skype (optional with purchase of the accessory camera), MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS2. Social Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are included and there is a special App that accompanies them which allows for special functions. Hulu Plus is also included.

3D Active

The DT50 is active shutter 3D compatible

2D to 3D Conversion

This is a feature that we do not believe is very applicable at the moment. It does not produce a very good picture image in 3D form when transferred from 2 dimensional. Often when the conversion takes place it leaves behind a lot of motion artifacts and the 3D effect lacks depth appearance.

Cloud Based VIERA Connect Storage

In the DT50 this differentiating feature puts all the VIERA Connect options in a stored cloud based system which enables faster load times and helps with the Social Networking and Multitasking functions. It's also convenient for adding new Apps without having to download to your TVs storage system each time new ones are added.

VIERA Connect APP 2.0

A new is included as an option with this model which allows an iPhone or iPad or similar touchpad device to be used as the remote control for the TV and its Apps features.

Energy Star Certified

The DT50 is estimated to use 25% less energy than last years model


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