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Olevia TV Reviews


Vizio vs. Olevia LCD HDTV Shootout

Wow! What an interesting experience testing these two upstarts side by side. There are phenomenal quality differences in numerous areas between the Olevia and Vizio LCDs. The contrasts could not be more defined. There are several concern areas to look out for in each unit as well. And there are positive attributes in each LCD. Both LCDs are 1080p and both entered the market in the U.S. and Canada in early 2008. The Olevia is made in Taiwan and the Vizio LCD is manufactured in China according to the company. Olevia established a name for its product a couple of years ago by offering quality LCDs at lower prices than Sony and Samsung. Vizio took on much the same strategy by partnering with manufacturers in Taiwan and focusing on sales to discount retailers like Costco and Wal Mart to become the 3rd ranked seller of LCDs in the U.S. in 2007. Read the entire Vizio vs Olevia Review

Olevia 247T Review

The considerable video noise problems experienced with the 480i signal largely disappeared when viewing HD signals on the Olevia LCD. Black Levels were very solid and contrast popped. Dark scenes lean toward a blue caste but not disagreeably so. There was a slight jerkiness when panning side to side across some of the scenes in The Fifth Element. Color information during the movie appeared accurate and flesh tones were spot on. There was visible light bleed into the black bars top and bottom the picture. The Olevia 247T LCD did however display an impressive 3-dimensional and realistic picture image with 1080p signals. Read the entire 247T review.

Olevia 237T Review

At large discount retailers or online stores, the Olevia 237T is currently selling for around $700. to $750. 1st tier models from Sharp, Toshiba, and Samsung cost around $999.00. LG’s 37LC7D is very competitive at $798. So the Olevia 37" is priced very well for its quality level. Read the entire 237T Review

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