LG LB5800 Calibration and Picture Settings

1080p 60Hz LED TV

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LB5800 Calibration Notes: The best picture mode to calibrate from is the ISF Expert 1 picture setting. This one opens up the most options for the best calibration. A lot of the extra features are found in the Advanced Settings menu, so look there if you cannot find a certain feature. The C.M.S. settings do not need any adjustment and are just fine if left alone. Gamma and Grayscale calibrated extremely well on the LB5800 as did the overall calibration to D6500K.

LG LB5800 Calibration and Picture Settings
A television in the process of being calibrated before we begin our review.

Post Calibration Picture Settings

Picture Mode ISF Expert 1
Backlight 86
Contrast 93
Brightness 60
Energy Saving Off
H Sharpnes 10
V Sharpness 10
Color 59
Tint 0

Expert Mode

Dynamic Contrast Off
Super Resolution Off
Color Gamut Range Standard
Edge Enhancer Off
Color Filter Off
Color Temp Warm2
Pattern Outer
Aspect Ratio Just Scan

Picture Option

Noise Reduction Off
MPEG Noise Reduction Off
Black Level Low
Real Cinema Off
Motion Eye Care Off
Tru Motion Off

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