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Great TV by JRH

Best Features: Performance, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality

We have owned this TV for about 6 weeks and are very pleased with it. We are still learning to use all the features and we have found the on-line manual to be more helpful than the written manual that came with the unit. So far, we are very happy with this purchase.

Great Picture by Wallix

I've had this TV for about 4+ months now. The strongest feature is the picture quality which I would hope is also your number one priority. I find the blacks to be deep and the colors saturated and bright. This is an edge-lit LCD and does not have any sort of local dimming. But I can honestly say you won't miss it. There are plenty of options for a video-phile to get right down and tweak the heck out of the display, but most people will be blown away with just the Standard picture setting. One gripe is that I'm not convinced you can truly disable Dynamic Contrast. Even with it, "Disabled" I will catch it doing an unnecessary dimming in low-light scenes. I'm still on the fence with Tru Motion. I mostly leave it off. It's just a little too jarring for my brain right now. I was raised on 30/24 FPS. You'll see what I mean (And learn what the, "Soap Opera Effect" is). Smart TV is a nice diversion. You can browse the web, Facebook, etc. But take note that at this time they do not offer Pandora as an app which is a tremendous letdown. There is also no support for an external keyboard - so have fun navigating the web with the Magic Motion remote! (/endsarcasm) I find myself using Media Link frequently. Media Link is essentially Plex running on your TV. You just need to have Plex running on any Windows/OSX computer on your network and your computer will stream right to the TV. It's a great feature and is a tremendous piece of software. As a side note, LG includes a Wireless N adapter unlike Sony who makes you buy it separately for $100. Physically, the TV is very light and slim. The bezel isn't the thinnest I've ever seen, though, if that matters to you. The Magic Motion remote is only OK. It's nothing like a Wii remote. You'll find yourself constantly resetting it because the pointer floats off its original center point in a matter of seconds. I ended up using the normal remote mostly. Sound-wise, the sound/speakers are pretty low-end. They make noise and you can hear stuff, but that's about it.

All in all, this TV excels where a TV should excel: Picture quality. Go to your local retailer and see for yourself. I actually bought this TV based on what I saw with my own eyes. Despite some minor gripes, I feel confident recommending it to anyone on the market for an LED LCD that is fairly budget-friendly.

Great Affordable TV by Ashleigh

We have had this TV for almost four months now and I am still as happy to have it as the day it came in the mail. The picture quality is awesome. The first week or so I thought it looked weird in comparison to my other LG HD TV and I think it's the TruMotion feature. After a week or so I adjusted and it looked normal to me again, but it did take a little getting used to. The sound is decent, but we purchased an LG blu-ray home theater system to go with it just because sometimes with our three year old running around it never seemed to be loud enough. The magic motion remote is cool for the first week, after that you realize it's not that amazing. Not as accurate as a Wii remote and can be a pain to use at times. For the few games available though it's kinda cool. Honestly, I don't use the apps function all that much. I was surprised that it came with a wireless adapter instead of making you purchase it separately. Pleasant Surprise there. Delivery was easy they brought it in for me and offered to help set it up, but since we were moving in a week we decided to leave it in the box.

The only thing I was a little disappointed in was that Pandora was not included as an app option. I was under the impression the LG TVs had a Pandora app and this one does not. It was the app I was most excited about!

All that being said, I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone who asks. It looks great, works great.

Great TV for the Price by Arthur Ceballos

This is probably the best deal on a 55-inch LED TV for the price. Initially, I was going to buy the cheapest, largest LCD TV I can buy but I ended up buying this one because for 55-inch LED TV, this is cheaper than most LCD TVs plus the smartTV option was great for me since I don't really watch much real TV but I need my Netflix working.

Got my TV, hooked up the LG wifi USB stick, connected to Netflix within seconds and my kids were watching their favorite kid's movies off netflix and we still have no cable!

The TV is super thin, uses less energy than any other TV on the market, and the picture quality is great plus the screen is 55-inches, lovin' it. I used to have a 46-inch but this 55-inch is definitely a great addition to my home.

I know Hulu is coming soon through software update and when that comes my TV will be even better.

For those of you looking to spend around $1200-1400 on the biggest TV you can afford, this is definitely it.

And also I don't need 3D yet and this is good since it's not added to the cost of my TV, I rather wait 2 more years for that when 3D prices come down.


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