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I Love My TV by Cali Rider

I think this TV is beautiful. I love the design and the features, also the added things like the Wi-Fi and the second remote. It looks amazing and it is super thin. How could i forget the performance? It does everything i think. It has a web browser and it will stream netflix and about a hundred other things out there that i am not even familiar with. It has a beatiful picture and all kids of adjustments to bring out the perfect quality. Honestly i cannot think of a single bad thing about this TV. I am happy i bought it!!

Great TV for this Novice by A. Zukowsky

I want to be clear that I am by no means an audio or videophile. I can't comment on technical details of sound or picture quality. This TV was an upgrade from a non-HDTV, so to me it is a world of difference.

The picture looks great. It is HD and everything looks crisp. I have no issues with the screen at all - it looks wonderful. The sound is nice and loud if you want it to be and I believe the quality is very good (certainly better than my last tv).

The directions that came with the TV were straightforward, and all of the documentation has been simple and easy to follow.

As you probably have seen this tv is internet ready. You can access a dumbed down web-browser, but it is not flash ready and therefore many websites are unusable. This is not the biggest of deals as there are a good amount of Apps that work well.

I mostly use the Netflix app. There is a Hulu+ App (that's the pay version) and various other "premium" apps. The LG app store is new, so there are not as many apps as lets say iTunes or the Google Marketplace, but there are a good number. The College Humor app and the news apps are some of my favorites.

The tv comes with an included app called "Media Link" what this app does is after you install some software on your computer and attach your computer and the tv to the same wireless or wired network you are able to access the video, audio and picture files that are on your computer. This feature is amazing and is very convenient.

What makes all of this highly involved apps possible is the inclusion of the "Magic Motion Remote". This is basically a Wii remote. (The system also comes with a standard remote) You point the remote at the screen and a reticle appears so that you can type in text or select buttons in a more fluid manner.

This product is great and the only downside is the limited size of the LG App selection, but their app store only opened in April 2011, so I'm sure the options will improve.

I was a little frustrated with the state of the box as it arrived to my apartment. The box was open on one side and there were a few tears here and there, though these are more likely Amazon or UPS's issues.

Great LED-LCD TV by Keith Nicoll

Just recently bought this TV from Best Buy on sale (with a free XBox 250GB unit). Initially wanted a 3D TV but after an instore demo, decided against it. This TV is a great alternative. Great picture, nice and crisp, and an easy setup. A minor drawback is that it does NOT have built in WiFi, but rather comes with a WiFi dongle which was easily setup and connected without issues. Other drawback is, that contrary to what Amazon's description says, this TV does NOT have Pandora available on it. Even Pandora on their own website does NOT have ANY LG TV with Pandora accessibility. I enjoy Pandora and was disappointed that I couldn't have it on this TV, but it's not a deal breaker. As long as I have a decent crisp and clear picture, then I am quite content. The internet apps it does have are nice and a good change from just a regular TV with nothing more than a fancy picture. If you want a good started LED-LCD TV, this one is for you....inexpensive ($1249 @ Best Buy) and an easy setup

Nice TV, Reasonably Capable DLNA Implementation by J Stewart

I've had this TV for a few weeks and am pleased with it. The picture is sharp and overcomes the ambient light issues we have in the family room where it is installed. While I have it hooked directly to my media server PC (running TwonkyMedia Manager) via HDMI cable, the DLNA implementation (plugged into my wired 1GB Ethernet network) is nice and actually easier to use than the 1920x1080p PC-mode display.

My only gripe is the separation of digital and analog TV stations into separate groups. Rather than interleaving the digital and analog stations into a single sequence, you either have to cycle through all of one group before getting to the next or you have to specifically select a channel from either group (not all that difficult) to allow you to cycle through that group. My Samsung and Sony Bravia TV's behave in my preferred manner. The audio from the built-in speakers has been adequate for my needs. While I've played around with the free LG applications, I consider them a frill that isn't worth my time.

If NetFlix ever provides a reasonable selection of new movies, I might consider using that embedded application, but for now, the basic TV capabilities are sufficient. Overall, I'm quite pleased with my purchase.


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