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Sharp LC-52D65U Calibration

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HQV Benchmark Testing:

Film Resolution Loss Test: The D65U is one of the best TVs we have tested in in film processing showing no false processing in any quadrant. There was no dithering movement in horizontal or vertical boxes – an excellent result. There was a slight jerkiness in side to side panning.

Video Resolution Loss Test: There was slight fuzziness in rotating bars in this test, but a solid result.

HD Noise: Background noise was greatly reduced by turning on the useful Noise Reduction feature.

Calibration Notes: There was a continual small rise in Gamma testing information through varying ire settings where this result should be a steady even line no matter what the light output. The menu setting adjustments were a little cumbersome and difficult to use. The D65U offered saturation control for each of the primary colors and three secondary colors. However, when it came to balance control, it offered only control over the upper IRE patterns and no controls over the lower. This resulted in a significant error for the lower IRE. Overall, the final calibration was heavy on blue on the bottom IRE and slighly heavy on red on the top IRE. Measured contrast using the checkerboard test pattern showed an average of 41.5 foot lamberts on the white and 0.23 foot lamberts on the black. This calculates close to a post calibration 861 to 1 contrast ratio.


Post Calibration Picture Settings:

Sharp LC-52D65U Review


Sharp LC-52D65U Review

Picture Settings:
Picture Mode: User
Backlight: +5
Contrast: +24
Brightness: -7
Color: 50
Hue: 0
Tint: 0
Sharpness: -5
In Advanced Setting Menu:
R-Gain: -10
G-Gain: 0
B-Gain: 0
Active Contrast: Off
Digital Noise : High


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