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Sanyo DP32647 LCD TV Review

Model: Sanyo DP32647 LCD Television (Vizon)
Description: 32” HD LCD TV
Resolution: 1366 X 768
Dimensions with Stand: 32”W X 24.6”H X 8”D
Dimensions without Stand but with Speaker: 32”W X 22.6”H X 4.6”D
Includes: Non Detachable Speakers, Table Top Stand, 2 HDMI Inputs,
Color: Black matte finish
Power Consumption: Specification not available
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Date: December 2007


The Sanyo DP32647 LCD TV is a current October, 2007 LCD model. The unit is assembled in Mexico and according to a representative from customer service, the LCD panel is manufactured by Samsung, and some of the chip sets are made in China. If that is the case, shame on Sanyo for messing up a perfectly good LCD panel.


Test and Optimum Viewing Distance: 7 feet

Calibration: There are no numerical values assigned to the different picture settings. Therefore, the following calibration percentages are not exact. Out of the box the LCD was set extremely hot. There is no white balance adjustment available and no color temperature options. This is an overly limited adjustment menu. Following are the calibration measurements which got us to within plus or minus 1,547 of D6500K – a very poor performance:
Contrast: 75%
Brightness: 60%
Tint: 55%
Color: 60%
Sharpness: Turn all the way down to 0 or None
Tone: This is a dummy setting, which does nothing.

Up conversion from 480i and 480p: During Pre-calibration viewing there was terrible edge enhancement. Images were aliased with a glow line surrounding figures in several of the scenes in Stargate. Turning the Sharpness feature setting all the way to 0 got rid of the false edges. Detail was almost completely lost in dark scenes with 480 resolution. There was plenty of visible motion artifacts and background noise. Clarity was very average. Up conversion was less than mediocre. This will be the case with standard satellite or cable and regular DVD signals.

720p/1080i/1080p Picture Quality: We again reviewed X-Men: The Last Stand, colors are vibrant and over saturated. With the higher resolution signal there was an over intensity in all colors, especially blacks and very dark scenes. Very dark equates to black on this LCD television with 1080i signals. But alas, it is difficult to totally mess up a 1080i signal and viewing is still pleasurable. Finally, I was surprised to find some background dithering with this resolution.

Black Level: From straight on viewing blacks are acceptably deep but overpower dark information in most circumstances. This was the case during the dream sequence in Braveheart when Mel Gibson is dreaming of his wife’s message delivery.

Sanyo DP32647 Review

Dark Shadow Detail: The Sanyo DP32647 LCD did not impress with dark shadow detail. In fact, this was one of the major downfalls of the LCD TV. Dark scenes are difficult to make out even after increasing the Brightness level to 60%. Scenes with dark matter often “slips” to solid black.

Color Rendition/Color Accuracy: As mentioned colors are vibrant and oversaturated with a 1080i signal. Especially blue is too blue, black takes up too much area, red is too red. This causes an unrealistic effect. Flesh tones were generally alright however.

Viewing Angle/Off Axis Viewing: Blacks get hazy at about 30 degrees. This is poor viewing contrast from side angles.

Motion Lag: There is tremendous dithering noise created by motion lag in the LCD in some scenes. During Risky Business when Rebecca de Mornay stands in front of blinds in one scene there is a shutter effect on the Sanyo LCD in the blinds behind her that is very distracting and false.

Sanyo DP32647 Review

False Contouring/ Mapping: False contouring was especially evident in lower end resolution signals 480 lines on the Sanyo LCD. With 1080i signals the LCD TV performed fine with no evident mapping noticed.

Exceptions: Dithering noise during 480 resolution scenes with light shining through images (i.e. leaves in trees). No numerical assigned values to menu settings. No color temp settings.

FEATURES RATING: 67/100 (Defective Rating)

Service Center Considerations: Upon calling the Sanyo service center 333 Sanyo Rd., Forrest City, Arkansas at 1-800-877-5032, it took 45 minutes to get through to customer service after having to listen to a mind-numbing message, which cycled through over and over. When I asked why it took so long to get a customer service representative on the phone he stated, “After about 3:30 there’s only 2 of us here in the office.” The warranty on this LCD television is 1 year parts and labor. However, there is no in home service. The owner is responsible for shipping or taking the LCD in to the local service center and in my case that was a 40 minute drive away in traffic. When I asked for the service center and authorization the service representative stated, “We have to turn it over to another representative, so just be patient with us.” How long will it take? He responded, “just a few days. I’m gonna try to find somebody closer to you there.” And this was just for the authorization. I could plainly see that this would be a month long process to get an LCD TV repaired.

Scaling: Scaling of varying picture shapes is accessed by the Pix Shape button on the remote control and allows the options: Pix 1 (4:3), Pix 2 (16:9), Pix 3 (Stretch), Pix 4 (Justified stretch). Pix 4 worked well for us with the DVDs tested.

Inputs: 2 Component inputs and 2 HDMI inputs. There is no computer input with this Sanyo LCD television.

Aesthetic Considerations: The LCD has basic looks with matte black finish. It is clunky looking, the speaker grid is cheap looking and the LCD TV is 4.6” deep which is too deep for an LCD of this size. As well, the Sanyo logo is large and distractingly reflective.

Remote Control/Menu Funtionality: No numerical settings for adjustments, just lateral bars. The menu is basic and incomplete without the color temperature settings and with the Tone picture setting which does nothing. There are no preset picture option settings (i.e. movie, dynamic, standard). The remote is cheap looking and basic.

Sanyo DP32647 Remote

Audio Output: The Sanyo LCD TV Volume is plentiful and well defined for a TV this size. Again there are no numerical values assigned, just an arrow key left or right.

Extra Features: The Sanyo LCD has does have close captioning.

Exceptions: The Sanyo DP32647 LCD manual is skimpy – threadbare might be a better word.


Price Considerations: Sells for $599, which is a decent price for a 32” High Definition LCD. This TV is obviously produced to hit a price point and beat the top tier manufacturers based on that price. My advice is do not save the $200 and purchase this LCD. Wait a year if you cant afford $799 and by this time next year you can purchase a top tier product that you will be much happier with over time.

Quality Comparison: The quality does not compare to top tier manufacturer’s. In this price range it compares evenly with other 2nd and 3rd tier LCDs that compete only on price.


Rating scale from 70 (denoting poorest quality) to 100 (signifying the very best quality). A rating in the 60s for any particular category of a product review indicates a serious defect which causes the product not to operate properly. Picture quality is double-weighted in the Overall Rating Score calculation.

Review Equipment Used: Sony Blu Ray BDP-S1 High Definition DVD player, Sony DVP-S50 DVD player, JVC HM-DH40000U HD Video Cassete player, Sencore Color Pro 5000, Sencore Auto Cal Pro, Sencore signal generator.

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